Chapman's Hotel

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A black and white picture of the market square. The Chapman's Hotel is on the corner and the clock tower in the middleThis substantial hotel stood in a prominent position in the Central Market opposite the Liberal club and next to the Fountain Inn. The hotel was one of the first visitors would have noticed after crossing the Corporation Bridge and heading to the square.

In 1952 the Earl of Annesley began his parliamentary campaign from the hotel window addressing his supporters below (this may explain why the hotel appears to have been briefly named the Annesley Arms) and supported by the hotel's owner John Chapman, chairman of the Sheffield and Lincolnshire Railway. Chapman also became a member of parliament in 1861 for Grimsby.

With an L-shaped plan, the hotel was three-storeys high with entrances along the ground floor, including a corner entrance to access the bar and above a statue of a 'Buccaneer' (also the hotel's local nickname) in front of a blind window. The market was demolished in the late 1950s, along with it, the hotel.

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